The Ordinary: Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Review

This year, I’ve been hit with challenging times and I noticed that I wasn’t taking care of myself the way that I used to. Disappointed in my lack of self- appreciation and treatment, I made it my own little promise to purchase a self care item every pay; twice a month, a new product bought by myself, for myself.

I’ve been seeing a few posts from my friends on Instagram or from word of mouth of this store that produces quality products for exceptional prices; The Ordinary. I popped into the mall and was hesitant to step in the store as I believed that the prices would be out of my comfort zone however to my surprise, I was greeted with friendly staff, an indescribable beautiful scent that filled the store and a minimal supply of stock on self, but products to target various problems.

I was intrigued and impressed.

After a purchase or two, I finally returned to the store and headed straight to the eye serum that my friend Sara briefly mentioned to me. She expressed to me that she hasn’t tried it out for long so she wasn’t able to give me a review so I decided to try it out for myself since I have troubling dark circles.

To be noted, I have been only using this product for around 4 weeks and I sometimes am too exhausted to carry out my full skincare night time routine so I’ll skip using this product sometimes. I will be sure to do a 3 month check in for a product review for this serum to be more detailed!

Here’s the basics of what I think thus far:


  • very affordable: $6.90 for a 30 ml bottle
  • no odur
  • easy to use and does not get messy
  • can use both day and night
  • lightweight
  • smooths appearance of under-eye


  • not a thick consistency
  • very minimal results (also it could be to me failing to apply this product day and night)

As you can say, I don’t have much constructive criticsm for the product however I am still fairly new to using it. I have noticed a minimal difference in the product but I need to truly make it a routine to use it AM and PM. I think it’s hard to argue a product that is only $6.90 but it doesn’t mean I will let it fully slide so I will keep you all updated on this within the next few months.

In addition, you have up to 365 days to return or exchange a product…. how amazing is that?

Here’s my very short review as many of you asked for it on my Instagram! I have purchased quiet a few products from them so I will probably do a product review on one every week!

For now, tootles and let me know if you tried this product or anything from the Ordinary.

Love Always.




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