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I’ve stepped away and recollected my vision and fire for my passion. I felt like I have been trying to clean up the mess that 2016 left whilst living my best life.

There has been a lot of great things that have blossomed over the last few months, a lot of hard left turns and some unexpected right turns that have really been as asset for my life and knowledge.

Above are some highlights of the past couple of months. Some great, some…. We will talk later about those.

I got a new job, I’ve finished another year of school, I’ve started a Youtube channel with my best friend and greatest of all, I have found the greatest fire within me.

I’ve been learning to disconnect myself with people who tire me because I have truly found and appreciated the importance of myself sanity and well being.

I won a giveaway from Chriselle Lim (HOW COOL!), treated myself to some new make up and have acknowledged that I am getting old since I find the purest and most genuine love for house goods shopping. I feel like I should make a video on my home good shopping experience at my favourite store Simons.

Here is a commitment I am trying to seriously get myself to do- 2 posts a week. I can AT LEAST commit to that before I head back to the books in September.


I don’t want to hold you up too long. I just came here to touch base and let you all know that I mean business now.

Talk to you soon.




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