Orgasm x Nars

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Written by Chantaé Candize

December 10, 2016.

I love make up and that’s no secret. I wear it nearly everyday, everywhere. Although I do not know all of the newest product, and the purpose of certain brushes and their names like a ACW 145 (Is that even a brush?), but I love make up.

Now, my collection isn’t extensive as others nor cost as half as much as I do love to mix lower end and high end products such as New York Color and MAC, but I have been noticing there is something about paying for great quality products. I’m usually a bit hesitant to drop some cash on a single product pricing for $50 before tax, but I have come to terms to realize that nearly every single one of my costly purchases have paid off.

One brand that I have been investing more regularly is Nars. I first etched my way into the brand with their iconic creamy cancelers. I was sold at the first rich, smooth and full coverage stroke of the brush against my freckled hand back. I have tried countless concealers from Estée Lauder, NYX and so on, however none of them had that clean, flawless finish as the Nars.

My coworker and I were gushing over our favourite indulgences for ourselves and I mentioned the Nars creamy concealer. She then asked if I tried NARS Orgasm blush and with a bit of hesitance, I told her that I have never owned blush, yet alone of a single dust brush my already flushed cheeks. Repeatedly she told me how great of a blush it was especially as a starter blush.

Captivated, I rushed to the closest high end beauty counter and purchased it.

Resistant to the nearly $40 price tag, I decided to give it a try.

I was genuinely impressed with the colour payoff and light shimmer and I swiped across the glittering pan.

A warm blush tone (a hybrid between a subtle pink with a brown and gold undertone) is the primary base of blush. Light, and sheer with a subtle dash of glitter enriches each stroke creating an effortless, healthy and natural looking glow. With a smooth and pigmented application, a little goes a far way. Since it is sheer, you can work with a very natural finish or build it up for a bold and extremely glowing finish.

As mentioned earlier, this is my first blush that I have ever used and I am truly impressed with it. I have been using it for two weeks now and am truly impressed. I have been recommending it to everyone as I find that it is an impeccable product.

Well, that was my first beauty review that seemed to be more like a throwback or story time –sorry!

I will do these every time I am truly captivated with a make up product because I am all here for a good facebeat.



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